Norse Nine Noble Virtues

The Norse Nine Noble Virtues are:

(1) Courage (bravery in the face of difficulty);
(2) Truthfulness (honesty in all situations);
(3) Honor (noble actions reflecting respect for self and others);
(4) Fidelity (duty and loyalty to family, community, nation, and planet);
(5) Self-Discipline (self-controlled, lawful behavior);
(6) Hospitality (courtesy, kindness, and compassion for all);
(7) Industriousness (hard-working and striving to do the best one can do);
(8) Self-Reliance (responsible, self-sufficient, and independent); and
(9) Steadfastness (patient, resolute perseverance).

[This is a list of ideal moral traits identified by Asatruars from primary
sources, primarily the Haavamaal.]